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About Us

Know More About Us


C-Speed Software Development Company was established in April 2017. It was based on the development of science and technology enterprises in Malaysia and the development of the industry that was established. Mainly dealing with the development of enterprise applications and providing organizations with complete technical data management services. Our global market-oriented development and programming management are about talent whereby the company embraces the market elites.


Our Value


We create an inclusive culture where we actively seek out individuals with diverse backgrounds, abilities and interpersonal styles and believe that our diversity strengthens C-Speed and enhances the way we conduct business.


We work in an environment of mutual respect, free from discrimination and intimidation. Each person is regarded as an important part of the team and we value the diversity of talents and viewpoints. We can all expect to receive a proper level of respect and to show it in return.


We are passionate about our brand and have a strong belief in the service we provide and the benefits derived by our customers. We focus on providing our customers with the best possible technical and commercial solutions, viewing their needs as our priorities and the challenges they face as our opportunity to offer an ideal solution. Our professional insight and passion in constantly improving the quality of work we deliver sets us apart from our competitors.


We take action to do the right thing and assume responsibility for our decisions. We work effectively, take full ownership over projects, and follow them through completion. As individuals, our employees take accountability over the development of their skills, actively attending workshops, embracing professional development to improve their performance.